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Valley Veterinary Hospital

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New Clients

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We love new patients at Valley Vet Hospital!

If you’d like your pet to become a patient with us, simply:

Call: (506) 452-1117

Email: [email protected]

Or fill out our New Client Form!

Submit a New Client Form

Your Pet's First Visit

On your pet’s first visit, please try to come at least 15 minutes early. This way, we can ensure all of your information is correct, and the doctor has a chance to review anything that you’ve brought with you. It also gives your pet some extra time to become familiar with the hospital, and our staff members are able to help him or her feel comfortable.

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Remember To...

  • Bring any papers, booklets, paperwork, or previous records.

  • Is your pet on medication? Bring it with you. This includes supplements too.

  • We love questions so write down all of your questions & concerns.

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What to Expect

  • Check-in at reception.

  • Your pet is weighed at every visit.

  • For your vaccine appointments, a technician will meet with you prior to your appointment to assist in getting everything prepared for the doctor.

  • If your pet requires treatment, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate and we’ll review options. Together, we’ll determine what works best for you and your pet prior to beginning any procedure.