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Dr. Nicole Bourgeois

Dr. Nicole Bourgeois holding a dog

Dr. Nicole Bourgeois

Two Boston Terriers and two young children call her ‘mom’ but to us, Dr. Nicole is an experienced veterinarian with a special interest in surgery and dermatology. Of course, having two dogs with allergies certainly helped pique that interest in dermatology!

Down to earth and always smiling, Dr. Nicole goes from roughing it while camping and canoeing outdoors to indulging her love of shoes, and working on Pinterest projects all in the same breath. She’s even made her desk at Valley feel like a piece of home. Originally from Minto, this Maritime girl scratched her travelling bug with a dream wedding in Cuba. But when at home, nothing feels better than relaxing with a hot cup of coffee while watching Gilmore Girls on TV.

After graduating from the Atlantic Vet College, Dr. Nicole worked throughout the province before settling in Fredericton to join us here at Valley.